Call for deep sea trawling ban

trawl netAccording to an article by Les Watling in Nature industry interests should not be allowed to derail a European Union vote on whether to prohibit a destructive fishing technique.

This month, the European Union (EU) is scheduled to vote on a proposed ban on deep-sea bottom trawling. If passed, the ban would be the first of its kind, although it would build on existing prohibitions on trawling in shallower water. It could give the seas some breathing space and fish stocks a chance to recover.

The EU Fisheries Committee includes Members of the European Parliament from French, UK and Spanish areas in which deep-sea fishing vessels are docked. These ties have slowed the committee’s consideration of the proposed ban to a crawl: it has postponed its vote by several months from the originally scheduled date. By contrast, the EU environment committee, which is not so dominated by members from fishing ports, voted 58 to 1 in favour of the ban in March.

As usual, the mobile sector have put forward a series of arguments but these are exposed as being false – more details in the article.

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