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You can have your cod

And eat it too !!! Young’s Seafood - the biggest seafood company in the UK is to put North Sea cod back on the menu two years after it stopped doing so due to concerns about the stocks.
Fisheries secretary Richard Lochhead said: “This vote of confidence by Young’s is another illustration of the successful partnership [...]


Quota discussion highlights

Unsurprisingly final discussions at the EC Fisheries Council in Brussels have resulted in a reprieve from the ‘effective total closure’ proposed for the langoustine and whitefish fishermen on the West coast.
Fishermen will be allowed to continue fishing for prawns and whitefish providing they adopt several conservation measures, including  more selective nets, real-time closures of fishing [...]


Irish white fish stocks in trouble

STOCKS of cod, whiting and haddock are still in trouble, despite an improvement in the health of fishing stocks in Irish waters.
Cod stocks have “virtually collapsed” in the Irish Sea, a report warns, while stocks of cod, whiting and haddock are “severely depleted” in Irish fishing grounds west of Scotland.
And the Marine Institute says the [...]


Commercials condemn spurdog restrictions

The Western Isles Fishermen’s Association has condemned the EC’s ‘irrational’ current 5% bycatch restrictions on landings of spurdog as well as the proposed ban on all landings of spurdog from January 1st 2009.
The association argues that the 5% bycatch limit for spurdog should apply to the total annual catch they are allowed to land. They [...]


The positioning continues

Today Mr Lochhead articulated his position by saying the Scottish government and industry representatives are absolutely united in their determination to oppose some of the EC’s current proposals as they stand as any solutions should reflect Scottish circumstances and not the convenience of the EC.
The SFF began to publicise their views at the beginning of [...]


West coast closure bombshell

EU measures to protect stocks such as cod, haddock, whiting and prawns are set to be introduced next year.  It is proposed to close a substantial area of the west coast, from Shetland down to Stranraer, to commercial fishing.
The European Fisheries Commission is calling for langoustine catches to be limited to boats fitted with [...]


No increase in cod TAC ?

Annually 100,000 tonnes of dead fish – worth £40 million – are dumped by Scottish fishermen.
The EU fisheries commissioner yesterday indicated that although some fisheries groups in Scotland believe the best way to end discards is to revamp the quota system so that fishermen spend less time at sea in return for being allowed to [...]


Shock tactics off Ayrshire coast

From the Ayshire Post -
ILLEGAL fishing is raking in thousands of pounds per DAY off the Ayrshire coast as electronic charges used to get lucrative razor fish for the Spanish market kill off a host of other sea life.
A spokesman for the SFPA confirmed that fishing with electric current is illegal but said that [...]


Norway to introduce tougher laws

Helga Pedersen, Norway’s fisheries minister, has announced that Norway is set to introduce strict new rules for commercial fishing boats, irrespective of their nationality, which will require all fish caught within its waters to be landed at an official fishing port.
The proposal to tighten Norwegian fishing rules is being seen as a consequence of the [...]

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