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Norway and the EU agree to

A bilateral fisheries agreement for 2009 to resolve issues around fish discards with the objective being to minimize and then eradicate discards before 2012.
The key parts of the agreement - the EU is to introduce a ban on high grading from 2009; a joint Working Group which develop and implement Real Time Closures & Seasonal [...]


Questions regarding Fisheries Article 47

In a recent mail to the Marine Directorate regarding the “Monitoring of Recreational Fisheries Article 47” we have asked for the following clarifications :
Monitoring of Recreational Fisheries Article 47
1. Recreational fisheries on a vessel in Community waters on a stock subject to a multiannual plan shall be subject to an authorisation for that vessel issued [...]



SSACN has been invited by the Scottish Marine Directorate to join other representative organisations to help formulate their response to EU commission proposals on the review of the control regulation.
The following proposals have a direct effect on the future of RSA

Monitoring of Recreational Fisheries Article 47

Recreational fisheries on a vessel in Community waters on a [...]


EU and ICCAT fail to protect tuna

In an report generated by itself, The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) described its own management of the bluefin tuna fishery as “an international disgrace”.
As if to reinforce the point it has now opted to set catch quotas far higher than its own scientists recommend, 22,000 tonnes for next year rather [...]


ICCAT leaves sharks at risk

The only body capable of setting Atlantic-wide catch limits for sharks today ended its week-long annual meeting without adopting meaningful protections for even the most threatened of Atlantic shark species.
Despite unprecedented scientific warnings about the vulnerability of sharks to overfishing, Parties to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) killed, delayed [...]


EU Cod recovery plan

Scotland’s approach to cod fisheries is set to be rolled out across the rest of Europe as part of the new EU Cod Recovery Plan agreed at the November Fisheries Council in Brussels.
The new Cod Recovery Plan, builds on the approach set out in the Conservation Credits Scheme pioneered by the Scottish sector in 2008 [...]


Bold EU moves for sharks

Congratulations to the EU on their proposals for the management of elasmobranchs.
If the proposals go ahead then there will be a zero Total allowable catch (TAC) on all commercial catches of spurdog and porbeagle, all bycatch will have to be returned to the sea.
Skates and rays will also finally be protected with special conditions attached………catches [...]


Discards negate sustainability.

88% of EU fisheries stocks  are overfished compared with 25% globally.
At the same time EU fisheries ministers are failing to address discards - a recent legislative initiative against discarding announced by the Commission was defeated by the catching sector lobby of certain member countries.
One third of the North Sea catch - a million tonnes of [...]


The positioning continues

Today Mr Lochhead articulated his position by saying the Scottish government and industry representatives are absolutely united in their determination to oppose some of the EC’s current proposals as they stand as any solutions should reflect Scottish circumstances and not the convenience of the EC.
The SFF began to publicise their views at the beginning of [...]

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