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Google Marine - Lundy MPA

The ICUN have created a “Marine Protected Areas” Google Earth KML file -  available here . It was produced through a collaborative effort between some of the biggest names in ocean conservation as part of the  Google Earth outreach programme and will enable web users to “virtually” visit the world’s protected underwater landscapes.
On opening this [...]


Solway Tidelines - July 08

The latest edition of Tidelines is now at the printers.
It contains a really good article by Ian highlighting SSACN’s Event and the sea angling debate at Holyrood as well as highlighting the need to halt the decline of inshore stocks to help ensure there will be ‘Fish for the Future’.
Tidelines is available for download [...]


Further down the foodchain

Once only caught for bait, squid is fast becoming the ingredient of choice and demand for it prompted Seafish to carry out research into the UK fishery – to investigate catching methods and sustainability.
Over the past year, Seafish Gear Technologists have undertaken sea trips on vessels engaged in the targeted squid fishery in North-east Scotland [...]


Thornback Ray discard survival rates

Update :: The report is available here in pdf format.
CEFAS have completed a project which was developed to estimate the survival of rays, which are caught commercially in a trawl and subsequently discarded.
The trial was held in the Bristol Channel and its’ objectives were to

Estimate the short-term discard survival rates of thornback rays
Estimate [...]


Scotsman Save Our Seas campaign

In todays Scotsman, journalist Ian Johnston highlights the fact that virtually none of Scotland’s seas are protected from destructive commercial practices and that just two locations, the Firth of Lorne and Loch Creran, have protection backed by legal sanction for conservation reasons.
Of course this is something we have been directly aware of for many years [...]


The wastefulness of modern commercial fishing

A study by Government scientists into discards in British waters has found that almost two thirds of the fish caught are thrown back over the side dead.
It is estimated that over 60 million fish per year are discarded in the English Channel, Western Approaches, Celtic and Irish Seas; [...]


Is This Showing Responsible Leadership ?

Mrs Stevenson, President of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, is appealing against her conviction for her involvement as one of 17 Newlyn skippers, owners and agents who have been convicted of involvement in a scheme to land so-called “black fish” - fish that under the EU quota system they were not entitled to bring [...]


Annan based trawlers guilty of ‘black fishing’

Extracted from the Sunday Mail of 05/08/07
TN Trawlers based in Annan fish the Solway Firth and the south of England were targeted as part of a crackdown on ‘black fishing’ between Jan 04 and July 05.
TN Trawlers, two fish merchants and six skippers admitted breaching the limits.
Chris Nicholson, of Annan, was fined £300 [...]


Sea Angling in the Solway - Present and Future

At our meeting with the Scottish Executives Fisheries people, Ian Burrett presented a paper on sea angling in the Solway - Present and Future. The following is a brief summary of it, the full version may found here.
The Solway is blessed with many different geological regions. Because of this it was once a haven [...]

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