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Norway and the EU agree to

A bilateral fisheries agreement for 2009 to resolve issues around fish discards with the objective being to minimize and then eradicate discards before 2012.
The key parts of the agreement - the EU is to introduce a ban on high grading from 2009; a joint Working Group which develop and implement Real Time Closures & Seasonal [...]


Norway to introduce tougher laws

Helga Pedersen, Norway’s fisheries minister, has announced that Norway is set to introduce strict new rules for commercial fishing boats, irrespective of their nationality, which will require all fish caught within its waters to be landed at an official fishing port.
The proposal to tighten Norwegian fishing rules is being seen as a consequence of the [...]


Welsh fishing strategy

WALES’ first Fisheries Strategy was made public in Aberystwyth Marina last week. It has been heralded as a “step towards securing the future of the fishing industry” by Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones.
The Strategy looks at the future of fishing until 2020 across all sectors of aquaculture, commercial fisheries and recreational fisheries.
The strategy is supported [...]


US adopts shark act

The Shark Alliance is congratulating the United States (U.S.) House of Representatives for the passage of the “Shark Conservation Act of 2008” a bill aimed at combating shark “finning” (cutting off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea). 
The bill would strengthen the U.S. finning ban by prohibiting the removal of shark fins [...]


Sharks in the Baltic

Stockholm 15th May 2008: A new report on sharks and related species in the Baltic Sea from the Shark Alliance highlights the threats to these over-looked fish and calls for improved conservation policies.
The report documents the distribution and status of 31 species sharks, rays and chimaeras (collectively known as cartilaginous fishes) in the Baltic and [...]


Norway says NO to science

Norway must stop fishing for endangered species like coastal cod, halibut, redfish and eel, according to the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management.
It is the first time that the Directorate has voiced such strong opinion in favour of stopping the fishing for species listed on the official ranking of threatened marine species, reports The Norway Post.
Last [...]


WA Government fishing package - fish for the future

Western Australia’s coastline between Lancelin and south of Mandurah will become an exclusive zone for recreational line fishing under a State Government move to avoid the overfishing of iconic fish.
In making the announcement, Fisheries Minister Jon Ford said the Metropolitan Fishing Zone would exclude all commercial line and net fishing of demersal finfish in a [...]

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