CFP a failure

euTHE EU Common Fisheries Policy has been branded a failure, says a new UK government report, but stresses that this is not necessarily the stance of the government itself, but the general view of interested bodies who have submitted evidence to the review.

It argues that the EU had not successfully maintained fish stocks; however, there will be many within the government who will support what has been said.

It will also have special significance if the Conservatives win the next General Election, because Prime Minister David Cameron has said he wants to bring many powers back under full UK control and fishing is likely to be one of them.

The report is the result of a government audit of all the policy areas over which the European Union exercises considerable power. It also includes areas such as energy, agriculture and human rights.

The government, in its fishing review, noted that the UK had been calling for fundamental reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) for many years.

The report said: ‘To the general public, the spectacle of fish being thrown overboard dead or dying was a totemic sign of the CFP’s failure to manage fisheries sustainably, and the failure of the EU political process to agree credible rules.’

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