CFP reform–working document

| February 9, 2012

The current Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has failed to a large extent. It has proved impossible to resolve the long-standing problems (overfishing, overcapacities, the poor economic situation of many undertakings in the fisheries sector, social problems caused by the decline of fisheries in many coastal regions).

There exists a wide consensus among EU institutions regarding the problems of the current Common Fisheries Policy and the goals to be achieved in the future even if their priorities slightly differ (e.g. the European Parliament puts stronger emphasize on small scale fisheries due to their significant contribution to employment).

There is less agreement however on the correct approaches to finding a solution; these approaches differ greatly due to different national interests and philosophies.

These rifts have to be overcome. The full participation of the European Parliament in the reform process offers an opportunity to do so.

This download gives a first outline of rapporteur Ulrike Rodust ‘s ideas regarding the CFP reform.

The next step will be to write a draft report which contains concrete amendments to the Commission’s proposal. This will have to be done until until the beginning of May.

Any comments may be sent to - Ulrike Rodust, MdEP - Europäisches Parlament- or to us via the ‘contact us’ facility.

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