Challenges need political will

| March 21, 2012

Bertie Armstrong, CEO of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) is to tell Richard Lochhead at the ‘Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Expo – from Sea to Plate’ event in Glasgow about the acute set of challenges currently facing the industry.

Mr Armstrong will be meeting the Scots Fisheries Secretary to underline the fact that the Scottish fishing industry is committed to working closely with Government to develop sustainable solutions, but to do so there must be a real will amongst decision-makers at the highest level to secure a future for Scottish fishing.

Whether he will succeed or not is another question, SSACN has been trying to get the same message across with respect to the largely ignored issues affecting sea angling, in particular, there doesn’t seem to be the required political will to try address the issues caused by excessive commercial exploitation in certain areas.

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