Clyde 2020 Debate

siftFollowing the lunch held by SIFT at The Scottish Parliament in January, they co-drafted a Motion for a Members Business Debate sponsored by Kenneth Gibson MSP on the future management of the Firth of Clyde with the aim of ensuring it has Good Environmental Status by 2020.

The Motion received cross party support with 43 MSPs signing the Motion.

The debate was held at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 11th March and those who spoke all mentioned SIFT and its proposed Regulating Order, and recognised the need for change and SSACN were also recognised.

In his summing-up, the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment Richard Lochhead MSP also noted SIFT’s contribution and stated that ’more than ever before, the future of the Clyde is much higher up the Parliament’s agenda and the Government’s agenda’.

We recognise that there is still much work ahead of us on the Clyde project, but this level of political support was an encouraging sign, however, we must wait and see just how much the Minister’s enthusiasm is tempered by the commercial sectors interests.

There is an Official Report and a video recording of the Debate (Ref S4M-08449).

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