Clyde nephrops discards

| December 30, 2011

Approximately 80 tonnes of biomass are discarded every working day by nephrops  trawlers in the Clyde Sea area (Scotland) compared with only 0.7 tonnes in the Central Adriatic.  On a fleet basis that means that every year a minimum of 25,000 tonnes is discarded in the Clyde Sea area and 35,000 tonnes in the Central Adriatic. 

Small commercial fish, e.g. juvenile whiting and haddock, make up a significant proportion of the Scottish discard, which also includes juvenile nephrops.  

Discard rates are consistently lower in the Mediterranean.  Most material trawled there is marketable, as in the multi-species fishery that typifies the Central Adriatic.

These figures come from part of a report prepared by MacAlister Elliott and Partners (MEP) under a contract issued by the Directorate General for Fisheries (DG XIV) of the European Commission. The objective of the work was to collate study reports for specified fisheries-related studies financed by the Commission under the Common Fisheries Policy in 1994, 1995 and 1996 and to produce and disseminate a single document that summarises the main findings and conclusions of each.

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