Cod recovery measures–Clyde spawning closure

| December 9, 2011

The Scottish Government has, since 2002, implemented a spawning season closure in the Firth of Clyde which complements the Irish Sea closure provided for under EU legislation.

For both 2012 and 2013, the Scottish Government believes that there is a clear case for continuing the practice of a spawning season closure by rolling over the measures implemented in 2010 on the same terms.

However, in response to concerns regarding the cod catch rates of TR2 vessels (nephrops trawlers, scallop dredgers and creel vessels) operating under a derogation in the area, they would also welcome views on the introduction of selectivity measures to attempt to address this problem.

Download their covering letter and enclosed paperfor further details on how to comment on the Government’s proposals for the closure for 2012 and 2013.

Responses to Gillian Cross at:

Or alternatively Gillian Cross, Area 1B South, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ.


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