Commercial discards would feed 2 million

| February 20, 2016

Fishers have been urged by the Scottish Government to “respond positively to” the discard ban and help stop the wastage of enough catch to feed 2million people, the equivalent to the entire population of Macedonia, Slovenia or Botswana

Speaking recently, Mr Lochhead said Holyrood was working with the industry, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other bodies to make sure the ban was workable whilst striving to minimise any regulatory burden for fishermen – on the disposal of undersized catch, for example – and make sure skippers are well-informed of the changes.

Mr Lochhead added: “The discard ends the wasteful practice of throwing good fish back into the sea dead.”

Naturally, the SFF’s chief executive Bertie Armstrong made his usual claim that in deciding matters of practical fisheries management – what will work at sea and what will not – it is the practitioners and not the philosophers who actually know.

Statements like that highlight how callous the commercial sector can be – after all it was those ‘practitioners’ who undertook overfishing, black landings, illegal net sizes. false accounting at processors etc, which resulted in stocks depleted throughout all Scottish waters and which resulted in areas like the Clyde being reduced to a monoculture.

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