Commercial sector attack MPA proposals

| August 26, 2015

The marine environment is a PUBLIC RESOURCE and the proposed MPA network should be celebrated by all for the opportunity it presents for the regeneration of our marine environment and the economies of many coastal communities.

The Government’s MPA proposals will only effect 1.6% of scallop dredging gross turnover and 1.3% of bottom trawling, yet the hysterical sounding mobile sector is scaremongering coastal communities by declaring the MPA network will end life as we know it, yet at the same time they argue MPAs will create a displacement of effort so the net effect will be no change in landings !

This is not a question of conservation versus jobs, when the Clyde when was healthy with a diverse range of species it supported many more commercial fishing jobs than the nephrops monoculture does now; it also supported a vibrant sea angling sector which in turn created jobs for hundreds more people.

The proposed MPA measures are essential to help address the decades of destructive practices – by protecting our marine life, managing fishing sensibly and limiting the use of destructive gear, we all stand to benefit, not least fishermen from all sectors.

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