Commercials alleged to be fishing in MPAs

| February 22, 2016

Once again the commercial sector shows its contempt for any attempt to regenerate the marine environment.

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead said there had been "reports of alleged incursions" into MPAs and Police Scotland have confirmed an investigation is under way following allegations of intimidation of creel fishermen in Loch Fyne by the mobile sector .

Fishermen’s leaders said crews did not agree with the MPA regulations but insisted they were respecting them yet claiming at the same time that there is a danger of "modern day clearances" as a result of the MPAs

Bertie Armstrong of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) trotted out his usual “ ….. you will find no more conscientious stewards of the marine environment than those making their living from it”  even though they are the very people who trashed the Clyde, undertook ‘black landings, false reporting of catches and still steadfastly refuse to acknowledge their involvement.

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