Commercials seeking to stimulate demand

Poor market prices for fish are currently having a severe economic impact on the Scottish fleet, sparking calls from the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) for all sectors of the seafood industry and government to work together to find ways of stimulating demand for home caught product.

According to Bertie Armstrong, SFF chief executive: “The fall in prices on the market for Scottish fish has been quite dramatic and is seriously hitting the economic viability of our fishing fleet, especially against a background of increasing fuel and other operating costs.

The SFF says it is now essential that a joint ‘from net to plate’ strategy is developed across all sectors of the supply chain to try and stimulate demand, focusing on the provenance and quality of Scottish caught seafood.

A much wider approach which incorporated the recreational sector would benefit coastal communities by providing alternative income streams which could be used to offset the impact of poor prices or decreased demand.

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