Concerns over management measures for Luce Bay SAC

| February 29, 2016

luce bayEarlier this month, the Inshore Fishing (Prohibited Methods of Fishing) (Luce Bay) Order 2015 came into force.

In general, we are very supportive of the work the Scottish Government is undertaking to develop a network of well-managed MPAs including progressive management measures in the majority of inshore sites.

However, in respect of Luce Bay and Sands SAC it is less clear that an approach has been taken that fully complies with the Habitats Directive as scallop dredging will be allowed across 30% of Luce Bay.

We are concerned that the Scottish Government’s current zonal (and seasonal) approach to managing scallop dredging within Luce Bay and Sands Special Area of Conservation (SAC) is insufficient to prevent deterioration of the features for which the site was designated and there remains a risk that there will be an adverse effect on overall site integrity.

With that in mind we have written a joint letter with Scottish Environment LINK’s Marine Group to Dr Linda Rosborough (Director Marine Scotland) regarding concerns over scallop dredging management measures for Luce Bay and Sands SAC.

This letter is supported by:

Marine Conservation Society, National Trust for Scotland, RSPB Scotland, Scottish Ornithologists’ Club , Scottish Wildlife Trust, Whale & Dolphin Conservation and WWF Scotland

It may be downloaded here.

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