Consultation on MCZs

| November 17, 2011

From their press release.

Natural England and JNCC have been requested by Defra to provide statutory advice on potential Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) to fulfil the marine protected area policy. This will be undertaken by reviewing the recommendations made by the four regional MCZ projects.

To promote openness and transparency, we are inviting comment on the draft protocols that set out the standards against which we will produce our advice. The recent independent review of candidate Special Areas of Conservation (cSAC) recommended that for evidence based processes protocols should be developed and shared.

A copy of the review and protocols can be found on Natural England’s website.

If you have any questions please send them to and/or if you wish to respond to any of the questions posed please return them by e-mail to the same address by the 5thDecember 2011.

Responses to comments made in this process will be made publically available following their due consideration. Natural England and JNCC will inform stakeholders how comments have been taken into account.

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