Consultation on measures for hobby/unlicensed fishermen

| February 19, 2021

The Inshore Fisheries Management and Conservation Group (IFMAC) established a short-life working group to discuss the issue of hobby/unlicensed fishermen and report back with possible actions to reduce the incidence of unlicensed fishing.

The working group identified a number of possible actions to reduce the incidence of unlicensed fishermen selling their catch for profit which can be broadly split into two distinct areas: educational and legislative.

  • Permits for unlicensed/hobby fishermen
  • Creel limits and/or tagging
  • Landing limits for different species
  • Personal Consumption Definitions

In an email to SSACN, Marine Scotland were keen to emphasise “The measures in the consultation are relevant to those who fish for species such as lobsters, crabs, prawns, scallops or cockles.  None of the measures are intended to affect recreational anglers using rod and line for finfish species.

“The aim of the consultation is to consider proportionate measures to reduce the incidence of unlicensed fishermen who sell their catch for profit.  There is no intention to prevent, or place a disproportionate burden on, genuine hobby fishermen who catch ‘one for the pot’ or fish on a catch and release basis.

The consultation which can be found at

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