Could you be eating shark?

Copyrite Alamy Images

Copyrite Alamy Images

While conservationists have been aware for some time, following a Daily Mail investigation the public is starting to realise that they may in fact be eating sharks disguised as other fish. A Friday night staple in may homes around the UK, your fish and chips may not be quite as it seems. Rock Salmon or Hake are common sights on Fish and Chip shop menus but both are sharks. 

Perhaps it is assumed people wouldn’t order shark if that’s what the menu said, as a result the names are disguised, after all who doesn’t like salmon? However the investigation also suggests that even some of the restaurateurs were fooled into thinking they were selling some form of Salmon. 

‘It’s been going on for years,’ says Richard Peirce, shark conservationist and chairman of the Shark Trust. ‘There was a huge public outcry recently when horse meat was sold as beef and this is similar to that, yet nothing has ever been done about it.’

Rock salmon is in fact spiny dogfish and it has proved so popular as rock salmon that that earlier this year scientists discovered it had been fished almost to extinction. The dwindling spiny dogfish is now protected under EU fishing regulations to stop it being caught and sold, but it is legal to sell it in the UK provided it has been caught outside the EU and imported.  

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