Cow Nose Ray Tank Fill

in-the-bubbleSSACN Outreach had a fantastic time last Friday when we were invited along to Sea Life Loch Lomond along with some of our SSACN kids to help fill up the tanks!

On arrival, the kids were greeted by staff who took them behind the scenes to the new exhibit (currently closed to the public) where buckets of water mixed with a special bacterium to prepare the water for the rays were waiting for them to pour in.

The cow nose ray exhibit, due to open on Easter weekend will be part of the new “Bay of Rays” display at the aquarium and will host Scotland’s first shoal of cow nose rays.

Cow Nose Ray Facts:

  • They belong to the family Myliobatidae, which includes the bat rays, manta rays and eagle rays
  • Cow nose rays get their name from their unique inverted snout which resembles the nose of a cow!
  • Their tail is about twice as long as their body!
  • They swim using synchronised wing flaps which almost looks like they are “flying” underwater!

starfishAfter much fun of dunking buckets of water into the tank the kids were given a free run of the aquarium were staff kindly opened the pirate ship touch tank for them to have a look at some of the starfish species at the aquarium. We were then informed that there would be one last sea turtle feed in the underwater tunnel before the building closed which was an absolute delight for the kids (and adults) to see!

We left the aquarium with a group of happy SSACN kids and parents but not before the staff gave us one more surprise by giving all the children a stingray toy from the gift shop! Overall a fantastic afternoon for the kids and parents alike and we can’t wait to check out the new displays this Easter and see if the rays like their new home!



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