Celebrating Scotlands Sharks 2015 Part 1

| March 16, 2015

Saturday the 14th of March saw the successful completion of 2015’s Celebrating Scotland’s Sharks (CSS) part 1. The event, held at SeaLife Loch Lomond, was an opportunity to trial new classroom based activities for children based around the six senses of sharks.

Throughout the day more than 50 children participated in activities designed to teach and illustrate how sharks use their senses and how they compare to our own. Activities included using metal detectors to locate fish in a sand pit demonstrating how sharks use electro-reception, their extra sense. Children conducted a scientific experiment to determine the most sensitive part of their bodies and compared this to sharks; an exploration of touch. Activities to investigate hearing, sight, taste and smell involved a variety of activities from identifying flavoured water to building cup telephones.

The day was a lot of fun and the younger children (along with some adults!) thoroughly enjoyed our cookie building station where they got to decorate their own shark shaped cookies and get a little mucky in the process!

Part 2 of CSS will run in September where we will build on these activities and invite schools along for a whole week.


If you are a teacher and would be interested in your school attending then please get in touch at: contact@ssacn.org.

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