Cumbrae BioBlitz

cumbrae1rOn Sunday the 26th of July we attended the 2015 Bio Blitz at the Marine Biological Research Station in Millport, Cumbrae where the Team ran a drop net and ID session on the main Pier and installed a display stand at the Research Centre.

From very early on we had a good range of species which we kept in a large tub of water which we used as a touch pool. The weather could have been kinder but we had a steady stream of people visit us and help us to ID the species.

The event was organised by the Field Studies Council in Millport with the aim of recording as many different species as possible around Cumbrae in a 24 hour period. From moths to plants and fish to birds we joined other organisation including the Marine Conservation Society and the Bat Conservation Trust to help the public find as many species as possible.

We recorded eleven species in total, which included the following: cod, haddock, fifteen-spined stickleback, starfish, green shore crab, velvet swimmer crab, butter fish, pollack, saithe, goldsinny wrasse and tompot blenny (pictured right).

The numbers of the various species were recorded with the Biological Records Centre (BRC) which provides a national focus in the UK for terrestrial and freshwater species recording.

More images can be seen on the Outreach Facebook page.

If you’d like to know more about the work of our Outreach Team, or would like to get involved, there is more information here or you can drop a line to and one of the Team will get back to you.

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