Cumbrae Christmas Outreach Event

| December 18, 2015

Merry ChristmasrAnother fantastic school outreach session was enjoyed by the SSACN Outreach team this winter - this time at the Millport primary school on the Isle of Cumbrae.

We spent the morning with the children who were already full of festive cheer as they were gearing up for their school Christmas dinner and party!

In groups we worked on our fun educational activities to discover the various species that can be found in the underwater world - including the fascinating creatures that can be found in the waters right here in Scotland!

The children couldn’t quite believe that the biggest resident fish in the Clyde, the basking shark, survived on the tiniest food source and there was more than a few giggles when we announced that the dog fish was actually a cat shark!

food chainrAs the children were currently studying food chains as part of their school project, we included an ocean food web activity which saw the whole class and teacher become a giant food web to demonstrate just how complex they can be!

And after all of the twists and tangles of creating the web, we demonstrated just how easily they can collapse when removing just one species from the chain!

Overall a great fun filled morning was had by all, and the children were excited to receive their SSACN pocket fish guides at the end of the activity!

There was only one thing left for the Outreach team to do before leaving the island, and that was head to the ice cream parlour for a cone on the chilly December morning and savour it on the bumpy ferry ride home!


A Merry Christmas and a special Hogmanay from the

Outreach Team & the P7 pupils of Millport Primary School

millport school group

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