Defra – Marine science and monitoring

defraDefra is responsible for funding, commissioning and managing research relating to the marine environment to build a strong evidence base for current and future policies nationally and internationally. They also co-ordinate research with other sponsors of scientific work in the UK, and the EU

Their work is guided by the UK Marine Science Strategy and Defra’s Evidence Investment Strategy.

Defra’s marine research programme sets out the themes in the programme and the key policy drivers which have shaped them.

The Marine Fisheries Science Advisory Group advises Defra on priorities for its future sustainable marine fisheries research programme. The interests of scientists, the fishing industry, consumers, recreational anglers, conservation and environmental organisations are represented on the group – presentations from their meetings on Defra’s archive.

The Marine Science Yearbook 2010/11 lists all current marine biodiversity, marine environment and marine fisheries projects plus those completed in 2010/11. Examples of projects from each of the marine science themes :

  • Economic and social research in the marine environment
  • Human pressures and impacts on the marine environment
  • State of the marine environment
  • Science for integrated marine management

These are only available as a download as Defra are not printing copies of the 2010/11 Yearbook.

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