Dutch Sharkatag 2013

Sportvisserij640_396Smooth hound madness

In 2012 the Dutch Sharkatag was a great success. It drew a lot of national media attention when both politicians and volunteers had some great days out on the sea.

This year the event was even bigger and a lot more fish where caught.

August 7th, 8th and 9th 300 volunteers divided over 11 boats and tried to catch smooth hounds.

On Wednesday we had strong winds and some heavy showers, but managed to catch 20 smooth hounds and one stingray.

Thursday the conditions were better and we went further out on the sea. This resulted in 80 smooth hounds and one stingray.

Friday the fishing was phenomenal!

We got 110 smooth hounds one thornback ray and one dogfish. All fish were caught on ragworm; the biggest hound measured 94 cm and the smallest measured 30 cm.

All 300 volunteers had a great day and we raised awareness for Sharks and Rays in our costal waters. The ultimate goal is to protect these sharks and preserve them for future anglers.

There was a news item on the late news.

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