Dutch Sharkatag 2013

dutchsFrom our colleagues at Sportvisserij Nederland (Royal Dutch Angling Association)

In the footsteps of the Scottish Sharkatag the Royal Dutch Angling Association will launch their second edition of Sharkatag. August 7th, 8th and 9th eleven charter boats with 300 anglers and some politicians go shark fishing in The Netherlands. They launch from Neeltje Jans and try to get as many smooth hounds as possible. The fish will be tagged and released. In the Dutch shark tagging program over 800 sharks are already tagged. During this event we hope to reach the 1000 mark.

The shark is becoming more common along the Dutch coast. For example, anglers caught nearly one hundred sharks during the 2012 edition of Sharkatag. Last week there were several small tope caught and tagged and there is a good chance they will show up during the Sharkatag as well. There is also a good chance an angler will recapture a tagged shark during Sharkatag.

The available knowledge about sharks is limited. Even the basic biological properties, but little is known. Because of their long life and low number of pups being born every year sharks are very vulnerable to overfishing. Worldwide shark populations are therefore greatly reduced in number. Sharkatag The project is designed to protect sharks. There are already twenty tagged fish reported back to us from places like the Bay of Biscay, Norway and Scotland. Our largest smooth hound measured 130 cm, tope already caught up to 168 cm.

Now let’s pray for some good weather!

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