EC to recognise recreational fishing

eaaPress release from the EAA on Thursday, November 29

European Parliament listens to EAA and EFTTA and suggest recreational fishing recognition in the new Common Fisheries Policy.

The Committee on Fisheries is preparing the European Parliament´s response/amendments to the European Commisison´s proposal for a reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The European Commission has published a packet of CFP reform texts 13 July 2011:

The main document in the packet is the so-called “basic legislation“:

The MEPs in the fisheries committee have tabled more than 2500 amendments to this document. The rapporteur Ulrike Rodust (S&D, Germany) and 7 “shadow” MEPs have worked on bringing this number of amendments down by agreeing on some compromise amendments. This work was finalized yesterday and the result, 104 amendments, have been sent to translation:

EAA and EFTTA are happy to see recreational fishing included the objectives for the reformed CFP in compromise amendment No. 2.

EAA and EFTTA have pushed for this to happen for more than a decade – before, and ever since, the present CFP was adopted ten years ago.

We would like to thank the involved MEPs for their foresight and for having listened to us and tabled this important proposal for a change in the CFP objectives, which reads:

Amendment 2

on behalf of the S&D Group, ALDE Group, Greens/EFA Group, ECR Group, EFD Group

General Objectives

1. The Common Fisheries Policy shall ensure that fishing and aquaculture activities are environmentally sustainable in the long-term and are managed in a way that is consistent with the objectives of achieving economic, social and employment benefits and contributing to the availability of food supplies and recreational fishing opportunities, as well as allowing for processing industries and land -based activities directly linked to fishing activities, while taking into account the interests of both consumers and producers.

European Commission´s text of 13 July 2011:General Objectives

1. The Common Fisheries Policy shall ensure that fishing and aquaculture activities provide long-term sustainable environmental, economic and social conditions and contribute to the availability of food supplies.

NEXT: Committee vote 18 December.

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