Estimating weight

Caught a good fish - want to know what it weighs ?

Want to check if it’s a Specimen ?

Forgot to take your scales ?

Committed to your fishing and conservation ?

Want to increase the survival rate of fish you return ?

Weighing a fish by measuring its length means you can get it back in the water quickly !!

Estimating weight by measuring length is a reasonably accurate method, especially as in-accuracies there may be will be the same for everyone.

Most anglers like to have a idea of the weight of a good fish, especially if it appears to be a personal best or one of specimen size; those who are committed to catch and release for the majority of their fishing know that for that practice to be successful they should quickly return any fish they don’t intend to take home for the table.

However, unless the angler is well prepared, physically measuring the weight of a fish can unnecessarily delay its return and consequently decrease the chances of its survival.