EU Fisheries reform to be blocked ?

euThirty-eight members of the European Parliament from 18 member states, including four UK MEPS, have called for each EU government to play a ‘constructive role’ in fisheries reform.

In a statement released on April 30th 2013, the MEPs warned that if a minority blocked the reforms ahead of the May 2 meeting, when the Irish presidency will seek an endorsement of a new negotiation mandate, “the fisheries reform may well be completely blocked”.

The statement read:

‘Representatives of 27 EU governments will meet on May 2 2103 and come very close to deciding whether they want to conclude the negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council on the fisheries reform in a constructive manner, or whether they want to block the entire reform.

‘The European Parliament has laid out a vision of a future with sustainable fisheries in the EU. In the first reading, a large majority of MEPs – from all political parties and member states – agreed to end overfishing by 2015 with the aim of allowing fish stocks to recover to sustainable levels by 2020. In other words, by 2020, we envision a thriving fishing industry, a healthier marine environment, and sustainable European fish for European consumers.

It really is about time vested parochial interests were put aside for the greater common good.

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