EU state the obvious–too many vessels

| April 6, 2013


A review of the efforts of Member States to achieve a sustainable balance between fleet capacity and fishing resources has shown:


  • The capacity of Europe’s fishing fleet is still too high.
  • Despite reductions in the size of many European fishing fleets over the last decade, many vessels across a range of Member States did not break even financially and were underutilized.
  • Many vessels also had too small revenues to make necessary investments such as modernisation of vessels and gears.
  • Too many fleets are dependent on overfished stocks with respect to maximum sustainable yield, one of the core objectives of the reformed CFP.
  • The current fleet management policy has failed to bring fleets into balance with the resources they exploit.
  • It is not sufficient to rely on compliance with national capacity ceilings (expressed in vessel size (GT) or power (kW)) only.

Ensuring the balance between fleet capacity and fish resources is one of the key issues for reforming the Common Fisheries Policy.

That it takes a review, no doubt at great cost, to come to these unremarkable conclusions combined with the billions of Euros pumped into sustaining aging and inefficient fleets, is testimony to how long politicians will bury their heads in the sands to avoid doing anything even remotely like addressing a broken economic model.

Fisheries need to be managed for the benefit of all and not just a selected number of commercial enterprises. 

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