EU to fund commercial sector to get into sea angling

struanWhilst governments continue to ignore the interests of sea angling they are quite happy to provide the commercial sector with funding to get involved in it.

In the latest example, at the EU, the Directorate General for Internal Policies urged fishermen to embrace tourism and speaking after the meeting in Brussels, Struan Stevenson MEP, Conservative Euro MP for Scotland and Senior Vice President of the Fisheries Committee, said:

‘The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) will provide financial aid for fishermen to diversify into tourist activities such as excursions in professional fishing vessels, learning about fishing and fishing gear and discovering the marine environment and its biodiversity’

If they do take up sea angling then perhaps they’ll get a first hand view of the damage they have wrought to near-shore stocks, but then, if the winter’s subsidies are anything to go by, they’ll obviously get even more money given to them to recompense the poor results.

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