European Shark Week

| September 2, 2008

Defend threatened sharks:
Help stop overfishing and finning now!

  • The UK is one of five EU member states to allow fishermen to remove shark fins at sea under an exception to the EU finning ban.
  • Scotland issues the majority of licences in the UK.
  • At least 30 species of sharks can be found in British waters, over half these species are threatened with extinction.
  • An EU Shark Plan is in its final stages; your support is key to protecting sharks in Europe.


You can make a difference

Email Cabinet Secretary Lochhead ( and / or Environment Minister Russell ( ask them to promote a strong EU Plan of Action for shark conservation by signing the petition.

Sign the petition

Signatures collected on the ground and on this website will be presented to minister(s) in their respective countries by members of the Shark Alliance.

link View the online list of signatures
link More information about European Shark Week
link More information about the EU Plan of Action for sharks

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