Fishing and funding

trawl netThe EU, UK and Scottish governments are missing a real opportunity to develop tourism by putting in place measures to ensure sea angling could thrive.

Instead they continue to focus substantial funds and subsidies on commercial sectors which can only develop if they further depleting the very resources they rely upon.

Statistics published by Scotland’s Chief Statistician show that the value of fish landed by Scottish vessels in 2013 decreased by nine per cent in real terms from 2012 whilst the quantity of fish landed remained broadly constant for the seventh consecutive year. The decrease in the overall value of Scottish landings was reflected by reductions in the value of all species types with values of:

  • Pelagic landings decreasing by 9% to £153 million
  • Demersal landings decreasing by 4% to £140 million
  • Shellfish landings decreasing by 14% to £137 million

and with the number of fishermen employed on Scottish based vessels being 4,992.

When will governments accept the current model is broken and that exploitation of marine species needs to be managed for the common good rather than for the benefit of a few commercial interests.

The above values for Scotland demonstrate that each of the commercial sectors deliver similar economic benefit as the sea angling sector – yet the EU, UK and Scottish governments focus their subsidies on exploiting stocks rather than developing them for sea angling in its broadest sense and for sea angling tourism in particular.

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