Give Fish A Chance

GFAC sizes

SSACN’s Give Fish A Chance (GFAC) initiative reflects the fact that many anglers, whilst enjoying their sport and occasionally taking a fish for the table, are keen to do what they can to ensure the minimal impact to the environment and to the fish themselves.

Richard Benyon MP - “I have this old fashioned view that creatures should be allowed to breed at least once before we seek to harvest them for food.

Seán Kelly (MEP). - “Everybody knows that without conservation methods, without proper scientific up-to-date information, one cannot have a sustainable fishing industry.”

A major component of the initiative is the GFAC Table which for each species gives the size a fish must reach before an angler may be reasonably sure it has had a chance to breed - by adopting these sizes as a ‘minimum landing size’ an angler is helping ensure the continuity of a species.

Most anglers also like to have a idea of the weight of a good fish but also like to get their fish back in the water with the minimum of fuss or harm; NOW you can just measure it’s length (or disc width for rays and skates) and use our calculator to find it’s weight.

The data for the calculator is based on 1000’s of observations made by a variety of scientific bodies over the past three decades or so, however, if anyone has any historic accurate records of weight / length for any species, they could be very useful in refining the models - just use the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Fish Recycle logo150GFAC also consists of a series of advisory notes and voluntary measures aimed at helping an angler to better understand the issues associated with catch and release as well as how to handle fish. These may be found in our ‘Reading Room’.

As with all our other pages we are open to receiving original works for topics we haven’t got covered, updates and/or corrections to any we have and requests for any you feel could be of help - just use the ‘Contact Us’ facility.