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Give Fish A Chance

SSACN’s Give Fish A Chance (GFAC) initiative reflects the fact that many anglers, whilst enjoying their sport and occasionally taking a fish for the table, are keen to do what they can to ensure the minimal impact to the environment and to the fish themselves.

Give Fish A Chance consists of a series of advisory notes and voluntary measures aimed at helping an angler to better understand the issues associated with catch and release as well as how to handle fish - especially when tagging or recording tagging data.

A major component of the initiative is the GFAC Table which for each species gives the size a fish must reach before an angler may be reasonably sure it has had a chance to breed - by adopting these sizes as a ‘minimum landing size’ an angler is doing their bit to help ensure the continuity of that species.

The GFAC Table
GFAC table web page
PDF Download
SSACN’s voluntary measure for anglers wishing to do their bit to help ensure the future of a species by only taking fish which have had at least one chance to breed - pdf.
Handling Fish
Catch and release
PDF Download
SSACN simplified catch and release web page
Tope - best practice The SOS ‘handbook’ on the best practice for handling tope. The basic principles will easily translate to fishing for other similar species - pdf.
Spurdog - best practice Enjoy fishing for spurdog but most importantly cause the minimum of damage to any you encounter - web page.
Spurdog plastic dart tagging guidelines Whilst spurdog may look big and tough creatures they are actually quite delicate, it is necessary to return them with the minimum of fuss and distress.
Reporting a recapture The UK Shark Tagging Programme offer a reward for reporting recaptures as tagging programmes produce valuable data.
Most importantly - Do not remove the tag.

As with all our other pages we are open to receiving original works for topics we haven’t got covered, updates and/or corrections to any we have and requests for any you feel could be of help - all you have to do is email us at

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