Government response to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive

gov-ukThe Government’s response to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) consultation on proposals for the UK monitoring programmes has now been published. You can find it at: here. The UK Marine Strategy Part Two has also been published on this page and provides a description of the UK’s MSFD marine monitoring programmes.

The Directive requires Member States to take measures to achieve or maintain Good Environmental Status (GES) for their seas by 2020. GES involves protecting the marine environment, preventing its deterioration and restoring it where practical, while using marine resources sustainably.

For the UK, the Directive is part of a package of policies, united by our vision for ‘clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas’. The Directive’s aims are consistent with this vision and current policies, such as the implementation of the Marine and Coastal Access Act, and the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy will play a major role in helping us achieve GES.

The joint consultation between Defra, the Northern Ireland Executive, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government was held between 8 January and 2 April 2014.

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