Great weekend at GAC

| March 6, 2012

SSACN Volunteers were out in force this weekend running an information stand at the Glasgow Angling Centre event – with over 200 anglers dropping by the stand over the three days, they were kept very busy !

Among the visitors was top Scottish actor and presenter of the popular “Hooked On Fishing” television series, Paul Young, who spent some time chatting with SSACN’s Lewis Cowie and Gordon Goldie.

The veteran angler, who is no stranger to catching and releasing sharks, rays and skates, was particularly impressed with the smaller tags being introduced and how easy they were to insert using the new tagging gun.

These events are very important to SSACN as they enable us to meet and talk with anglers, many who do not voice their opinions on-line but, who are concerned with issues affecting their fishing; their input helps us ensure we have a broader view when developing our projects and programmes.

If you have any input or would like to get further involved, just use the ‘Contact’ facility at the top of our webpage.

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