H & I MSP supports sea angling strategy

| September 21, 2009

Highlands & Islands SNP MSP Dave Thompson has supported an initiative seeking to create a long-term sustainable future for sea angling in Scotland. The proposed Recreational Sea Angling Strategy Group, supported by the Scottish Government, would work with the industry in order to grow the sector which already represents £141 million to the Scottish economy each year.

Mr. Thompson supported a parliamentary motion concerning the creation of the Sea Angling Strategy Group, which he claims could foster a significant boost to coastal communities in the Highlands & Islands through the development of a sustainable fisheries management plan.

Mr. Thompson said:

“Sea angling is an important contributor to coastal communities’ economies in Scotland, particularly the northern economy, and is considered as significant as all forms of freshwater angling combined.

“Sea angling can take many different forms, be it on shore, boat or charter, and currently supports nearly 300 jobs in the north of Scotland, generating an income of over £5million for the Highland economy.

“There is significant potential for growth in Scottish Sea Angling, with an existing infrastructure for berthing and maintaining own boats, particularly on the west coast, that could be expanded to foster further uptake of the activity.

“That is why I fully support the formation of a strategy group charged with the task of halting the decline of fish stock species, offering long-term benefits to coastal communities throughout the Highlands & Islands, and promoting the growth and future development of the sector.”

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