Have Your Say on the Arran MPA

coastFrom their latest newsletter.

COAST welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate community support for the Government’s proposed network of 33 Scottish Marine Protected Areas during the 16 week public consultation.

The network includes 4 much-needed MPAs in the Clyde including the proposed South Arran MPA and would value support and comments; you can read COAST’s position here on SNH’s management options paper for South Arran and let them know what you think.

The consultation is part of a wider Marine Scotland consultation on marine planning.

COAST will be analysing the relevant consultation papers over the next month, talking to local stakeholders and providing advice on the best way to provide a written response.

Marine Scotland and SNH will hold a consultation on Arran on the 28th of August at the Ormidale Pavilion in Brodick between 1pm and 8pm.

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