Help fill up the tank !

| March 7, 2016

On Friday at 4pm, SSACN will be helping Sea Life Loch Lomond Aquarium re-open their "Bay of Rays" exhibit in time for Easter following the arrival of something quite special - cow nose rays!

This will be a great chance for all to get involved  and we’d like to see as many juniors as possible take part - the first 10 children under 12 to sign up will receive a SSACN t-shirt - and everyone, including adults, will get the chance to take part in a press event.

To register yourself / children for the event, or find out more, just email SSACN Community Outreach Officer Samantha King at

Cownose rays feed on clams, oysters and other invertebrates. They use two modified fins on its front side to produce suction,which allows it to draw food into its mouth, where it crushes its food with its dental plates.

Category: Outreach

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