The date today is 09-02-09

TACs and quotas 08/09

The following table will chart the progress of the TAC and quota discussions - one can see the ICES advice for many stocks indicates many species are still being exploited unsustainably.

Stock ICES advice Agreed Changes
North Sea    
Nephrops ▼13% Bring TAC in line with average landings. ▼5%
Haddock ▼9% In line with the agreed management plan. ▼11%
Cod Zero catch - mortality remains high and ICES view on current plan is that it is not precautionary. ▲30%
Whiting ▼68% thought to close to lowest recorded level. Recruitment also continues to be very poor. ▼15%
Plaice   ▲13%
Herring   ▼15%
West Coast    
Nephrops ▼24% Bring TAC in line with 2008 landings - no increase in effort. ▼5%
Haddock Zero Catch and development of a plan - stocks in decline. ▼42%
Haddock (Rockall) ▼37% if EU claims 65% share of the global TAC with Russia ▼5% ?
Cod Zero Catch spawning stock levels remain very low level. ▼25%
Whiting Zero Catch spawning stock levels are very low. ▼25%
Megrim ▼44% TAC in line with average of 2005-07 landings. ▲5%
Monkfish No new advice ▲8%
Other Stocks    
Mackerel N Sea and NE Atlantic   ▲33%
Western mackerel   No change on last year
Spurdog   ▼50%    -  100cm MLL
To stop targeted fishery
Porbeagle   ▼25%    -  210cn MLL
Common Skate   Zero TAC
Atlanto-Scandian herring Advice to be released on 13 Oct Depends on advice
West Coast herring ▼52% due to poor stocks ▼20%
Ling TAC 10,000t No change on last year
Tusk TAC 5000t No change on last year

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