Inept fisheries management

| June 23, 2015

The EU have just published the limitation which will apply to the exploitation of bass stocks.

Their opening statement:

In June 2014 the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) released scientific advice on the stock of sea bass in the North-East Atlantic, and confirmed that this stock had been in rapid decline since 2012. Furthermore, the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) has evaluated the extent to which national measures in place protect sea bass and, in general, has deemed those measures ineffective. Sea bass is a late-maturing and slow-growing species. The fishing mortality of sea bass in the North-East Atlantic is currently four times higher than the level which would ensure maximum sustainable yield (MSY).”

As with the Clyde and many other regions and stocks it’s the usual case of ignoring input from anyone but the mobile commercial fishing sector, allowing them to decimate stocks and then when that sector can no longer cost effectively exploit the stocks suddenly come to the same conclusion everyone else has been doing for years. No doubt those commercial sectors, as others have done, will now receive plenty of subsidies to make up for their losses !

How much longer will fisheries management be determined by politicians and civil servants who have no real understanding of the issues and who work in conjunction with the very commercial sectors who see it as their absolute right to exploiting their fisheries and any restrictions as being unacceptable.?

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