Input to Sea Angling Strategy Group

| October 7, 2009

Following the launch of the study into the economic impact of sea angling, Cabinet Secretary Lochhead committed to the creation of a RSA Strategy Group to explore the best way forward for the sport. See this post.

This was followed up in Holyrood by a Members Motion raised by Bill Wilson (West of Scotland) (SNP) supported by many other MSPs welcoming the creation of the Group.

Last week we met with the Marine  Scotland (MS) lead for the Group to set the process in motion and we are expecting to meet again within the month to begin developing the Strategy.

In very broad terms (in no particular order) we shall be looking to :

  • Identify how aspects of the Marine Bill / Marine Park legislation may impact sea angling. (The government have produced a Marine Bill leaflet which we’ve attached or it may be downloaded here.)
  • Ensure the future of those stocks of interest to sea anglers.
  • Identify key elements that are going to play a significant part in the future of sea angling.
  • Determine the processes by which sea angling can contribute to the wider marine strategies.
  • Identify stock management frameworks adequately reflects the needs of the sea angling sector.
  • Ensure sea angling opportunities are not artificially restricted.
  • Identify activities by which we can increase the awareness and understanding of sea angling.
  • Increase opportunities for the socially and physically disadvantaged.

We are looking to develop the next level of detail and would like to ensure we have captured all the key issues. Please use the simple form below to identify any areas you feel strongly about and/or any actions you feel we should propose.

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