IOM to make bass a recreational species

| March 10, 2016

The Isle of Man government has confirmed that it is planning to ban all commercial bass fishing inside the Manx 12 mile limit.

The Department of Environment. Food and Agriculture (DEFA) said new measures were needed to help to conserve bass and make the Island more attractive to anglers. potentially increasing numbers of visitors.

The Manx Department of Economic Development carried out a survey in 2014, which highlighted angling us one of three activities most likely to target new visitors.
DEFA minister Richard Ronan said sea angling already played an important part in the Manx economy. and increasing protection for bass would help its conservation and raise the profile of the Island as a venue.

What a pity the Scottish Government cannot see the potential value of sea angling and constantly seeks to support uneconomic commercial sectors who deplete stocks and adversely impact the marine environment.

A spokeswoman for the fisheries directorate said legislation is currently being drafted to put before Tynwald (the Islands parliament). but was unable to give a date when the proposed legislation will be considered.

As well as the ban on commercial fishing. the fisheries directorate is also planning to introduce a minimum landing size of 50cm (compared the 42cm in the EU). and a maximum size of 60cm to allow mature breeding fish to survive. A catch limit for recreational anglers of one fish per angler per day will also be imposed. Pair trawling for boss is already banned in Manx waters and there is little commercial bass fishing using other methods.

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