Marine Directorate shark policy

| September 1, 2008

At a recent meeting in Edinburgh between SSACN & the Scottish Marine Directorate (MD) we learnt that they are intending to develop a “Policy on Sharks” which sets out their position on elasmobranchs in a wider context rather than on a species-by-species basis.

The proposed policy could result in a complete ban on Directed fisheries on Sharks, Skates & Rays in Scottish waters by vessels under Scottish jurisdiction.

The work on the “Policy on Sharks” is underway and it was confirmed that SSACN will be consulted during the development of the document.

According to Colin Faulkner ( MD Stock Conservation & External Negotiations )  “ A ban on all directed fisheries is the direction in which we believe we should move in order to respond to the very difficult scientific advice we face on these stocks.” though he went on to say ” I’m not pretending that it will be simple to get there but that is the direction in which we want to move ”.

We also learnt that a Scottish Statutory Instrument to protect tope in Scottish waters is not seen as a Parliamentary priority for the moment and that the MD want to see the spurdog 5% by-catch provision removed, as it is currently formulated.

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