Marine renewables and offshore wind

windmillMarine Scotland has commenced its review of the Plan for Offshore Wind Energy. It is also updating the 2007 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of wave and tidal energy. Finalised plans for all three technologies will be adopted in 2013.

The Plans will be brought together and accompanied by an integrated ‘Sustainability Appraisal’. This will include an assessment of the impacts of the plan on communities, other users of the sea and the economy (a ‘socio-economic impact assessment) and the environment (a Strategic Environmental Assessment). SSACN are contributing to both activities.

A Habitats Regulations Appraisal (HRA) will also be undertaken, to identify potential for effects on European nature conservation sites. The Appraisal process will also seek to incorporate other assessments such as Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment and Equalities Impact Assessment, as required.

Building upon the Scoping Reports for Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy (which identify broad search areas for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy plan options), Marine Scotland are currently undertaking a series of initial events, to raise awareness of the planning process. We are also inviting early views and ideas on the Draft Initial Plan Frameworks (which set out of the process for developing plans for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy) and the Draft Regional Locational Guidance documents (which contain detailed information in relation to the ‘scoping’ search areas for future offshore wind, wave and tidal energy plan options).

Where can I find information online?

The Scoping Reports, Draft Initial Plan Frameworks Draft Regional Locational Guidance documents, as well as the Public Participation Statement, which sets out how stakeholders can get involved in the planning process, are available here.

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