Marine Scotland launched

| April 4, 2009

as the lead marine management organisation in Scotland. It was established on April 1 2009 as a Directorate of the Scottish Government (SG), to integrate core marine functions involving scientific research, compliance monitoring, policy and management of Scotland’s seas.

Marine Scotland will combine the functions and resources of the former SG Marine Directorate, Fisheries Research Services and the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency.

Marine Scotland’s mission is to manage Scotland’s seas for prosperity and environmental sustainability - supporting the SG’s overall purpose of sustainable economic growth and our vision for our marine and coastal areas

Marine Scotland’s ability to meet its purpose will be enhanced by the powers proposed for a Scottish Marine Bill. Marine Scotland will also play a key role in ensuring that these proposals are delivered in co-ordination with powers proposed in the UK Marine and Coastal Access Bill

More information will be made available as Marine Scotland and its functions develop.

For further information or advice you can e-mail or write to: 47 Robb’s Loan, Edinburgh EH14 1TY.

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