Marine tourism worth £3.7 billion +

spend surveyMarine recreation and tourism expenditure in Scotland is estimated to amount to £3.7 billion per year, according to a report published today.

Sea angling is worth in excess of £158 million – the government have consistently ignored the previous Radford Report so will they accept this latest one ?;   will they now give sea angling the support is deserves ?; or will they just continue to protect the destructive forms of inshore commercial fishing ?

No prizes for guessing the answers !

The Scottish Marine Recreation and Tourism Survey shows that £1.3 billion of expenditure comes from specialist marine activities including wildlife watching, sailing, kayaking, surfing and angling with expenditure on general recreation and tourism like beach combing, short walks and coastal cycling amounting to £2.4 billion.

This survey covers 23 different recreation and tourism activities undertaken at sea or around the Scottish coastline.


survey spend data








Full details of the Scottish Marine Recreation and Tourism Survey is available here.

Maps from the survey are available on National Marine Plan interactive website here.

The various reports and extracts from them are available in our Reading Room.

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