Meet our new project officer: Amie Williams

| September 16, 2020

Edward Wright; our present Project Officer has done a superb job at the helm of the tagging programme during the last three years but he feels it is time to move on. Ed is planning to travel the world with his partner Nuria. The trustees of SSACN would like to thank Ed for his commitment over the years and wish him well on his travels and future employment.

Amie with a recently tagged tope

Amie with a recently tagged tope

We welcome on-board Amie Williams on a short term contract as the phase 4  funding ends on December 31st. Amie is a self confessed shark lover and would like a full time career working with sharks. She has just finished her Masters degree at the University of St Andrews where she studied Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems and has worked with sharks in the Philippines, South Africa and Peru.

“Since the age of 10 I have been captivated by the ocean. Mostly I am interested in the behaviour ecology of elasmobranchs and have worked with a number of species over the years including the pelagic thresher shark and the great white shark. I am delighted to be taking up the position and hope to bring some ideas to the table.”

We are sure Amie’s enthusiasm will mean she picks up the demands of the role very quickly and we hope she enjoys her time with the tagging programme.

Amie can be contacted through her email:

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