Meet the new SSTP Project Coordinator

julieMeet Julie Hope – our new SSTP Project Coordinator.

Julie first became involved with conservation work whilst being a volunteer teacher in Africa.  Entering as a general zoology/conservation/marine biology student she became increasingly pulled towards marine biology.

Julie has also participated in Sharkatag and the inaugural Skate Tagathon.

According to Julie “I’m really pleased to be further involved with SSACN and the SSTP – the Project Coordinator’s role will provide me with an excellent opportunity to extend my knowledge.”


jamesJames Thorburn, Julie’s predecessor, is moving on to study for a Ph.D based in Aberdeen looking at critical areas for the various shark species and their movement around Scotland’s coasts and further afield using genetic and hormonal techniques as well as some more sophisticated electronic tags.

As James explained “This is one area of research I feel has, until very recently, been overlooked as it wasn’t scientists keen to answer the questions, but all of you, the anglers. The dedication that many of you put into collecting data in order to protect the species you fish for is amazing and the SSTP is a true monument to this.”




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